"Beauty is the harmony of function and form." -Alvar Aalto


At Doboin Design we believe in finding solutions through a technical and creative approach.


Combining design thinking with brand development principles and methodology, our work is geared towards understanding, solving, and executing the products you seek. We are always thrilled to work on motivating projects for an array of interesting people ranging from various disciplines and industries. Indeed, we have had the pleasure of working with actors in the timepiece industry, medical field, fragrance & luxury market, fast moving consumer goods industry, furniture & tableware market, lighting industry and defense industry.

We are located in the city of Nice in the beautiful French Riviera and we interface with clients and partners all over the globe throughout the development process. Concepts and models start in-house and are later refined, tested and prototyped with professionals in the field and ready to be manufactured.

We provide services in 3 key fields:


1. Product Design & Development.

2. Packaging & Branding.

3. Interior architecture.


Whether you need to develop a product from scratch to finish, or a follow-up on your own ideas and sketches, we are here.


Contact us now and we can start immediately.

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