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"Beauty is the harmony of function and form." -Alvar Aalto


Doboin Design finds solutions by using technique, creativity and let's be honest, coffee. Solutions to what, you might ask? These fall into 5 different categories:


1. Need of a product or design but have no idea what it will look like nor what it will be.

2. Need of a product or design and you have sketches that approximate (some more than others) what it will look like.

3. You have a technical drawing and you need our input and execution.

4. You have a technical drawing and you don't need our input but simply the execution.

5. You would like to buy the rights to one or more of our designs.


The next step consists of a pleasant exchange between us because we are human - but we also appreciate aliens and other lifeforms. This can easily be achieved through video or in person if you are nearby. We are located in the inspiring city of Nice in the beautiful French Riviera in Europe, planet Earth in the Milky Way.

Whether you need to develop a product or a follow-up on your own ideas, experienced experts (try saying that fast, three times in a row) are here for you.


Contact us now and we will be happy to set up a meeting. The first coffee is on us.

A methodology that spells out efficiency

We have a proprietary method that ensures maximization and efficiency of your project. Our philosophy is to use a measurable approach. We are proud of the fact that we can objectively explain to our clients why we have made certain design decisions. Indeed, we have noticed that traditional methods sometimes overlook important steps by merely inserting biased intuition. At Doboin Design, we have rendered these same steps measurable in order to back up the creative process.

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